I honestly don’t know who the f**k Kidd Domination is, but one thing I do know is that each time his name pops up there’s a hot f***ing song that follows close behind.

I caught wind of this dude only on Monday when I listened to his song Like Mine, featuring Yung Berg, and that song has been receiving heavy rotation on my iTunes library. Tonight I listened to another of his songs, Change Ya Life, and that s**t is pure fire. Once again this song features Yung Berg, and also Casha who was on Yung Berg’s hit,The Business .

This is the first time I’m predicting that a song is gonna get heavy rotation before it happens. All I can say is watch out for Kidd Domination in 2009. Watch out for Yung Berg too ‘cuz I know they got something in store for us in 2009 with all these bangers.

I’m not too sure if this is gonna happen again, but I’m feeling really generous tonight so I’m gonna post two of Kidd Domination’s songs ‘cuz he is definitely killing it right now.

Kidd Domination – Like Mine (Feat. Yung Berg & Harlem’s Cash)

Kidd Domination – Change Ya Life (Feat. Yung Berg & Casha)

To find out more about Kidd Domination and listen to more of his songs go to his myspace.

Before I forget, the play count for Like Mine is 17, and Change Ya Life is moving quick with 8 in 30mins!


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