Usually after two artists collaborate on a couple of songs you get tired of them, but not in this case. Last year Slim (of 112) came out with his hit single So Fly and that s**t was pure fire… actually still is. The whole country ate that song up. I heard it on the radio, in clubs, at sports games, and everywhere else you can think of.

After the success of So Fly, Slim and Yung Joc came to together to make Ooh Yeah, and once again… pure fire. I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but I decided to wait and see if the song would either grow on me or just fade into the background… ‘cuz I do weird s**t like that. Today makes it exactly a week since I first heard this song, and it’s till getting heavy rotation over here.

I’m not gonna keep you waiting any longer ‘cuz you need to hear this s**t if you haven’t already. I’m really considering making a mixtape series called Pure Fire. Volume 1 is already in the making, I just haven’t figured out how many copies I wanna make and how I’ll distribute the mixtape. Who knows… we’ll see.

Yung Joc – Ooh Yeah (Feat. Slim & Hot Stylz)

One response to “YUNG JOC + SLIM = THE FORMULA

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