BREAKING CLAY ART by Martin Klimas


This is why I love art. Art has NO boundaries. I remember someone saying that math and love are the only universal languages, but I strongly believe that art is a universal language in its own way. I can only imagine how this dude thought about creating art in this form.

Anyways, Martin Klimas is a German photographer, who I believe has redifined the meaning of still-life. Here, Kilmas takes photographs of clay art as they hit the floor, breaking into pieces that reveal something new in each figurine.

These are some of my favorites.


I like this one because you can interpret it in a variety of ways. For example, you can see this as a woman landing after taking a jump. The broken pieces of clay at the bottom of the photograph can be seen as the gound giving in as she lands. If you prefer, you can see the pieces of clay at the bottom of the photograph as splashing water.


This one kinda makes me feel like I’m watching a martial arts movies. It also reminds me of childhood days, watching people on TV break cement blocks with their bare hands. Fun times!

To see more of Martin Klimas’ work click here.

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