When I heard that Clipse would be coming out with their own line of clothing I was excited, but I honestly didn’t see this level of flyness coming.

I am yet to purchase any items from Play Cloths partly because I’m still waiting to get my new debit card in the mail, but also because half of the s**t on the site is sold out.

Here are some of my favorite Play Cloths items.


This is the Presidential Inauguration Tee. In celebration of the upcoming presidential election Play Cloths decided to remake the 8Os Jack Logo Tee. Hopefully I can get this by Monday so I can wear it on Tuesday, which means I definitely have to order it with next day shipping.

Talking about next day shipping, I just remembered that I wanted to post the preview for Donald Faison (Scrubs) and Mike Epps’ new movie, Next Day Air.

Anyways, here are some other of my favorite stuff from Play Cloths.


I’m about to add this to my scarf collection.


I’ll add this to my hat collection too.

Click here to go to the Play Cloths store.


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