I think this is probably all I’ve been listening to all weekend. I’m waiting for the T-Wayne album, He Rap He Sing, to drop, and I’m not too sure if this song is gonna make the cut, but I still think it’s hot.

My favorite part of the song is the extended lean and rock towards the end of the song… don’t worry about it, when you listen to the song you’ll understand.

To all my Haitians out there, even though it’s a very short one, T-Pain makes a shoutout to you. I don’t know if he does it to prove that he’s actually Haitian, but I’m all for shoutouts… like “tougher than Nigerian hair”… that’s my s**t.

Aight, I think I’m get carried away. You need to get on this song cuz this is the s**t right now.

T-Pain and Lil Wayne – Snap Yo Fingaz

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