OK. In case you haven’t notice, today is Valentine’s Day, and even though I’m single it’s only right that I do this.

I have two valentines, one of which is my mom. Once I’m done with this post I’m gonna call her to wish her a Happy Valentine’s Day. It’s hard to express your love for someone who’s over 5OOO miles away, but the least I can do is call. Happy Valentine’s Day Mum. I love you.

As for the other person, whose name I’m obviously not going to disclose, I think it’s only right that I dedicate this song to you because every single word in this song rings true for me. Happy Valentine’s Day lady.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about me. It’s for all the lovers out there, so I’m also gonna have to dedicate this song to all the lovers out there.

Ryan Leslie – Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day!

2 responses to “TO MY VALENTINE…

  1. sweetamaryllis

    u right

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    your in touch with your feminine side
    dats sooo cute. haha
    i wanna know dat special sum1

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