Love vs. Money is so far the best album of 2009. The album is like a mother@!%#ing movie.

The-Dream is one of my favorite artists ‘cuz he raises the creative standards in music, and he is definitely one of my musical inspirations.

This track is one of my favorites on the album and I can’t wait to hear it at the club… That is of course if people don’t sleep on this song.

The-Dream – Put It Down

One response to “THE-DREAM – PUT IT DOWN

  1. It’s definitely one of the best r’n’b albums i’ve heard in a while. i was slow on the uptake with his debut album love/hate because i think i had pre-screened him as being one of these pre-fab urban artists out front nowadays who are all swagg but no soul, all hits but no art, able to buy a good beat, craft a slick image but feeling more like street hustlers who just happen to be doing what is the best hustle available now – urban music – but would quickly move on to the next thing – “movies”, “fashion”, professional celebrityhood. then i heard falsetto in the club and i felt his art and, i think, his heart (dramatic – yes – maybe it was the drink) and listened to more and i just feel him more. so this album comes along – prob my first “5 mic” album of a contemporary (non-neo soul) non-established (as opposed to, say, MJB or Kelly) r’n’b artist in abt 3 years. He got it just right – the sweet spot between being current & edgy and being arty & timeless (some of his ad-libs may sound a little too 2009 five years from now though).

    The songs work individually and collectively. They have a thematic and production consistency and yet an individual appeal. That said, a couple will probably appeal to a “younger” mind-set. The production by Tricky Williams is superb and he continues his layered and sonically adventurous beats (with all those electric guitar-sounds). It’s like R’n’B found a RZA. Their team definitely has an organic synergy. But the key to this album and this guy is the writing. Obviously a matter of taste but he really gets into the lyrics, whatever one may think of the content. He also has that knack that is unique to good songwriters (whether folk, country or r’n’b) of being able to score life’s random thoughts and experiences into song). So, like Kelly, this is one of the few R’n’B artists who make me trip off their wordplay the way I do with rap music. I have to remember not to blurt out “Call Aticia your beautician, coz your hair is gon need fixing” loud in the subway. The first single “Rockin that shit” is a solid club hit. But “Put it down”, “Sweat it out”, “Mr Yeah” and “Walking on the Moon” are stand-outs.

    So as of first quarter 2009, Love vs Money is a definite contender for the Best Contemporary R&B Album Grammy (plus a couple more – maybe vocal, maybe song etc etc). And, in the volatile pop music scene, if his star fades, he may have just earned his hall of fame pass with this one. From my experience, most of the good stuff will prob will be slept on by the cookie-cutter DJ set so I’m gonna head out to my fave Bkn lounge with the jukebox and pump this WHOLE ALBUM loud while sippin on some drink.

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