Surf Club

I was doing my usual daily internet rounds a few weeks back when I came across some unbelievably talented dudes who make up the production team Surf Club.

Surf Club is made up of Hit-Boy, Chili Chil, B.Carr, and Chase N. Cashe. These dudes are the next big thing to hit the music industry.

I was on Chase N. Cashe’s blog when I came across a song Surf Club produced for Chili Chil. The track is titled yenom, which is a play on the word ‘money’ and it’s been getting heavy rotation on my end.

I know you’re probably wondering what’s with the names Surf Club and Chili Chil, but I can definitely say that their work speaks for itself.

Without any further delay, I present to you… (drum roll)… Surf Club x Chili Chil = Yenom.

Chili Chil – Yenom

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