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I never really paid much attention to Gourmet Sneakers because I didn’t really feel like they had styles I could wear, but that has definitely changed over the past few months. Either Gourmet made some serious changes to their sneaker line or I just woke up from the deepest of slumbers.

These definitely stopped me in my tracks at work today when I saw them. Whoever came up with the idea to have asymmetrical shoelace panels deserves praise… and a serious raise. Between the paloma (not gray) grain leather, paloma suede upper, and the rubber soles, these sneakers definitely make the cut.

Is paloma an actual color or is this some creative concoction by Gourmet? If it is then excuse my astute lack of knowledge of all my colors. Anyways, let me stop there before I make a fool myself. I just found out these have a pigskin leather insole… I don’t know how I feel about that.






I’ve always seen Guess as a brand with high craftsmanship when it comes to timepieces. Although I’ve never actually owned a Guess watch, I admire the different styles of their watches.

The 25th Anniversary Iconic Cuff Watch stands out as one of the most stylish Guess watches I’ve seen in a while. I came across the Brown Leather Cuff version some time back and it was love at first sight. It features a silver-tone case and a silver and rose-gold-tone dial.

Guess recently released the Cuff Watch in black leather and it features a gunmetal-tone case with a gunmetal and silver-tone dial. The black leather Cuff Watch is definitely on my wish-list, and with a 10-year limited warranty it’s definitely a keeper.

Click here to see this and many other watches by Guess.


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This is my favorite song off Mr Hudson’s upcoming album Straight No Chaser. I’m still tryna figure out who produced this song, but my top source – Wikipedia – hasn’t been too helpful.

I came across this video on none other than Kanye West’ blog and I was completely blown away. The video is by Matt Perri, or at least according to vimeo it is, and he did a great job with the video editing. You would think this was an official video the way the different scenes match up almost perfectly to the song lyrics.

I don’t know about you but this video has definitely awoken my inner producer, so don’t be surprised if you see a concept video by yours truly sometime soon… lol. I would post the mp3 for the song but my respect for Mr Hudson’s musical talent prevents me from doing so.

Click here to watch this video in its full view.



desire to blog

It’s been almost 6 months since M.O.M.B. has been fully functional and I must say that it’s been too long. Between this project, and another project I’ve pretty much left for dead, I’ve been too busy to devote as much time to M.O.M.B. as I truly desire. But, at this point, time can no longer be a constriaint.

Last night, as I perused countless blogs, I started to remember the reasons why I started this project. I had a strong desire to share several things of interest to me with the rest of the world and that desire resulted in the birth of MO.M.B. The journey to creating M.O.M.B. was not easy an one, but it has definitely been a fulfilling one.

I realize that site visitors are drawn to M.O.M.B. for a number of reasons, but mostly because of the site’s combined experience. It’s hard to say this without seeming egotistical, but M.O.M.B. is truly a blog like no other and I have lost something extremely dear to me in the time that M.O.M.B. hasn’t been running.

I know in the past I’ve said words like “Oh and btw f@!%# what you heard. I’m back b*****s!” but I can assure you that this time M.O.M.B. is truly back. I don’t expect it to be an easy ride back to the top (whatever the top might be), but my desire to blog has spilled over and I guarantee that M.O.M.B. is making a swift comeback.

With no further ado, join me in welcoming back to the stage… “MY OWN MOTHER@!%#ING BLOG”

Yours Truly,


Mr Deuce