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Knowing the nature of MY OWN MOTHERF@!%#ING BLOG you should already know where I stand on this, but I think it’s only right that I let other people speak out.

**WARNING** – “Opinions are just like a**holes. Everybody has one, and they are all full of s**t.”

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, let me do the math:

[Kanye West : 8O8s & Heartbreaks] = [Lil Wayne : The Rebirth]

Aight. No more bulls**tin’. Listen for yourself.

Lil Wayne – Prom Queen

Before I forget, I just peeped this over at Lil Wayne’s MySpace page.


I guess Weezy is performing his new single at the Cox Arena today and AT&T is letting people watch a LIVE streaming of his performance on their facebook page. Click here for the link to stream his performance live.

I’ll definitely be watching that tonight. You should too.

For Those Who Can Make It…


At first I was kinda mad that I wasn’t gonna make it to this since I’ll be back in the Woo by then, but I just noticed the ticket price and I’m not even mad anymore ‘cuz I was never gonna make it anyways. I’m pretty sure nobody I know is gonna make it either, unless they wanna forget about that laser eye surgery…LMAO.

Either way, I still thought it would only be right to throw it out there. For more info. visit the official website for the event.