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I’ve haven’t stopped laughing since I saw this infomercial this morning. There’s no way you’re gonna tell me that the Slap Chop is not gonna see more sales because of this commercial.

I know Vince Shlomi is still in jail, but he’s gonna die laughing once he sees this. This video is actually the longer version of the one featured on TV, but it’s still funny. Go here to download the mp3 version of the song.

Click here to watch this video in its full view.

“Watch this, you’re gonna love my nuts.” LMFAO!


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I guarantee that you’re goin’ to laugh once you see this video. This made my day yesterday when I saw it and I’ve watched it at least fifty times over.

Does this beat Scarlet Takes a Tumble? Let me know… LMAO!


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The Lonely Island is back at it again… and if I’m correct their debut album, Incredibad,  is in stores now. As far as the video goes, the title of the song speaks for itself.

My favorite part of the video is when T-Pain does the butterfly and says “Believe me when I say I f***ed a mermaid…” LMAO.

See it for yourself!


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This is one of my funniest TV ads so far for 2009. It’s by far funnier than the one with the dude who turns everything he touches into skittles.

The funny part is that none of the three mirrors are reflecting his actual images. The three different guys in the mirror are all doin’ their own thing.

Too f***ing funny!

Sonic Holiday Mint Blast Breath Commercial

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Sonic makes the best commercials in the world… OK maybe not the best, but at least the funniest.

Funny enough, I’ve never been to a Sonic restaurant in my life, but I’m guessing that they’re food is as good as their ads. Next time I’m in Virgina I’ll have to remember to go to a Sonic.

This is probably one of my favorite Sonic ads. I can’t stop laughing every time I watch this ad.


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This video is too funny!

Sadly, I see a lot of comparisons between myself and the dude in this video. I’m just being honest, I doubt that I would have acted differently if I was him.

Some say curiosity kills the cat, I say curiousity lands you in awkward positions. See for yourself.

For more short films go to Future Shorts on YouTube.

Tracy Morgan Has Issues…

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Somebody please tell me why Tracy Morgan is saying that Oprah is his ex-girlfriend… lol.

This s**t is hilarious!

“You’re a Puff Dead Beat Daddy…”

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For the first 5-10 secs he actually sounded like Diddy. I’m mad at how they gave this dude about 3 more names: puff n stuff, and my personal favorite, puff dead beat daddy… LMAO

BTW, I do know who Bohagon is…

“I See You Over There…”


After listening to this song I’ve made up my mind that Soulja Boy definitely needs to be in comedy. This mother@!%#er has me dying right now. I’m not even done listening to this song and I’m already posting it.

You need to hear this song to understand. Soulja Boy is wrong for this one. He is the only dude I know who can say “Hey you there…” throughout a whole song and still make it worth listening to.

Some people are gonna say that this song is “just crap and that Soulja Boy is the killer of rap” – Collin. Who cares? I think this song is funny and that’s really all that matters.

This song actually reminds me of the movie Mall Cop, coming out on Janaury 26th.

Anyways, listen for yourself.

Soulja Boy – Hey You There

George Bush is a G…

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…only when he’s ducking from size 10 shoes…haha.

I know this dude might not have the best vocabulary, but he definitely has some reflexes. That should count for something. Definitely just redefined the meaning of duck and cover….

I love how he just starts laughing and tries to brush it off like nothing happened, even though I know he’s scared as s**t.