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I just realized that this is the first time I’m posting a reggae/reggaetton song. Even though this might seem out of the blue, I’m actually a really big reggae fan.

This song is so fresh. I never heard of this De La Ghetto dude until last week, and if I didn’t notice that Mavado was on the song I probably wouldn’t have listened to it, and I would definitely have missed out on some hot s**t.

Come Out and See is off De La Ghetto’s debut album, Masacre Musical, which came out in late October last year. Don’t sleep on this song ‘cuz you might start hearing it at a lot of clubs.

De La Ghetto – Come Out and See (Feat. Mavado)



“Let me take you to flight school… we’ll learn to fly…”

I love this song. It’s kinda hard to explain, but there’s something about the song that just hits hard.

This one of those songs that you just listen and nod to. Feel me? Listen for yourself.

Kanye West – Flight School (Feat. T-Pain)

P.S. – This is another borrowed link. Once again, it’s from 2dope. What can I say? They have the most reliable links. MOMB links will be up soon!

GLC – Flight School (Feat. Kanye West & T-Pain)



This song is the s**t. The whole So Far Gone mixtape is the s**t. Drake is a beast! He murders every f***ing track on the mixtape.

I take my listening sessions very seriously, so whenever I listen to a new mixtape or album I always make sure I’m paying full attention. When I listened to this track I played it back no less than 30 times before I got to the end of the song… NO LIE!

This track is fire! I know I say that a lot, but Drake kills it. I don’t care whether or not this song goes mainstream, he needs to make a video for it ASAP!

Drake – November 18th

P.S. – My computer is f***ing up so I had to borrow a link from 2dope. I’ll have the MOMB link up by tomorrow night.




I can’t even begin to explain how hot this s**t is. My brother just put me on this song just this evening, and I’ve been wildin’ out to it ever since.

Blaqstarr is mos def that dude when it comes to B’more club music. I don’t care what you tell me… this dude can turn the wackest song into pure fire. I know I sound like a delusional motherf@!%#er right now, but you need to listen to it to understand.

The song starts off regular and then BAM! all of a sudden that b’more gutta sound comes right in, and all you can do is just start dancing. OK I think I’ve said enough.

Listen for yourself.

Flosstradamus – Big Bills (Banged Out Blaqstarr Remix).

Good looks on this one bro!



I think this is probably all I’ve been listening to all weekend. I’m waiting for the T-Wayne album, He Rap He Sing, to drop, and I’m not too sure if this song is gonna make the cut, but I still think it’s hot.

My favorite part of the song is the extended lean and rock towards the end of the song… don’t worry about it, when you listen to the song you’ll understand.

To all my Haitians out there, even though it’s a very short one, T-Pain makes a shoutout to you. I don’t know if he does it to prove that he’s actually Haitian, but I’m all for shoutouts… like “tougher than Nigerian hair”… that’s my s**t.

Aight, I think I’m get carried away. You need to get on this song cuz this is the s**t right now.

T-Pain and Lil Wayne – Snap Yo Fingaz



I know I’m late, but here goes.

I heard this song less than a week ago and I’ve been on it since then. Actually, now that I think back, I saw the video for this song on mtvU. I honestly think I need to watch mtvU a lot more seeing that I’m actually one of the people who fought to bring it on campus… new year’s resolution #55.

I probably came across Jake One a couple times before this, but I never paid attention to him because… no exact reason. This song has been getting constant play and I just copped his album, White Van Music, which only means more of Jake One.

OK Freeway! I see you making moves.

Jake One – The Truth (Featuring Freeway & Brother Ali)



Usually after two artists collaborate on a couple of songs you get tired of them, but not in this case. Last year Slim (of 112) came out with his hit single So Fly and that s**t was pure fire… actually still is. The whole country ate that song up. I heard it on the radio, in clubs, at sports games, and everywhere else you can think of.

After the success of So Fly, Slim and Yung Joc came to together to make Ooh Yeah, and once again… pure fire. I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but I decided to wait and see if the song would either grow on me or just fade into the background… ‘cuz I do weird s**t like that. Today makes it exactly a week since I first heard this song, and it’s till getting heavy rotation over here.

I’m not gonna keep you waiting any longer ‘cuz you need to hear this s**t if you haven’t already. I’m really considering making a mixtape series called Pure Fire. Volume 1 is already in the making, I just haven’t figured out how many copies I wanna make and how I’ll distribute the mixtape. Who knows… we’ll see.

Yung Joc – Ooh Yeah (Feat. Slim & Hot Stylz)



I honestly don’t know who the f**k Kidd Domination is, but one thing I do know is that each time his name pops up there’s a hot f***ing song that follows close behind.

I caught wind of this dude only on Monday when I listened to his song Like Mine, featuring Yung Berg, and that song has been receiving heavy rotation on my iTunes library. Tonight I listened to another of his songs, Change Ya Life, and that s**t is pure fire. Once again this song features Yung Berg, and also Casha who was on Yung Berg’s hit,The Business .

This is the first time I’m predicting that a song is gonna get heavy rotation before it happens. All I can say is watch out for Kidd Domination in 2009. Watch out for Yung Berg too ‘cuz I know they got something in store for us in 2009 with all these bangers.

I’m not too sure if this is gonna happen again, but I’m feeling really generous tonight so I’m gonna post two of Kidd Domination’s songs ‘cuz he is definitely killing it right now.

Kidd Domination – Like Mine (Feat. Yung Berg & Harlem’s Cash)

Kidd Domination – Change Ya Life (Feat. Yung Berg & Casha)

To find out more about Kidd Domination and listen to more of his songs go to his myspace.

Before I forget, the play count for Like Mine is 17, and Change Ya Life is moving quick with 8 in 30mins!

R.I.P Stephen “Static Major” Garrett


Life is so short. Each time I listen to any one of Static’s songs I can only wonder what path his musical career would have taken him were he still alive today. This dude is an extremely talented individual and I’m actually sad that I didn’t get familiar with his work before he passed.

Everybody knows Static Major through Lil Wayne’s summer hit, Lollipop, but he has countless other works. I just found out that he worked extensively with Aaliyah on songs like Try Again, We Need A Resolution, and Rock the Boat. Some of his other writing credits include Pony by Ginuwine, You Owe Me by Nas, and On the Hotline by Pretty Ricky.

I was on his MySpace yesterday when I heard apparently one of his older songs, Til the Wheels Fall Off, and now it’s receiving heavy rotation on my iTunes music library. This song is real smooth and he definitely kills it. This song definitely receives my stamp of approval, so please feel free to ride out to this one ‘cuz that’s what I’m doing.

There’s actually another version of this song featuring Pretty Ricky, but that version doesn’t even compare to this one.

The play count for this song right now is 54 in less than 24hrs!!! Yes, it’s that serious.

Static Major – Til the Wheels Off

Don’t Call It A Comeback…


About three weeks ago I decided to take drizzy’s advice to “light up the incense and get cozy with your special someone” while listening to some D’Angelo. For obvious reasons, I skipped the incense and coziness part, and decided to listen D’Angelo’s Voodoo album. I must say that How Does It Feel is forever a hit, but I actually got hooked on the last track on that album, Africa.

Some people are probably going to say that the only reason why I’m feeling this song is because I just so happen to be African. That might actually be true, but honestly, it’s more because of what he says. Specifically, what he says in the first few lines of the song: “Africa is my descent… and here I am far from home. ”

Trust me, this isn’t me feeling homesick. Rather, this is my acceptance of where I find myself right now. Plus, ?uestlove kills it on the drums. This reminds me of the skit on the Chappelle show when Dave Chappelle invited John Mayer and ?uestlove to show how people of different races react to different instruments… LMAO

Anyways, here you go. Feel free to vibe to this. Before I forget, the play count for this song is 36 right now.

D’Angelo – Africa