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Don’t let the strawberry, birds, and blue skies fool you… This is the real deal. is Europe’s biggest T-Shirt design competition. Three to four designs are chosen every week from over 100 daily submissions to be printed and sold from the site. respects designers, so their shirts are strictly limited to 500 per design for which winning designers get 1000 €! Oh yea, sorry to disappoint you if you thought you could get access to their shirts. Orders can only be shipped to a handful of countries and the U.S.  is not one of them.

The shirts on the site are fresh and are a true representation of raw art. Click here to go to the website.

Holla @ me when you realize it’s no joke.


sleeveface [sleev-feys]


one or more persons obscuring or augmenting any part of their body or bodies with record sleeve(s) causing an illusion

If the definition and picture above don’t speak for themselves then I really don’t know what else to say.
A friend of mine has mad vinyls in his room and I’m about to go make some sleevfaces right now… LMAO!
This is ’bout to be ridiculous.
Click here to see a funny a** video on how to sleeveface from the guys over at Sleeveface.



Zachariah Johnson is a young artist concentrating in watercolor, pen & ink, and mixed media works on paper. His medium of choice is the micro pen and he uses them exhaustively to describe a world of ghouls, monsters, and misfits – the shady characters of everyday life, but just hidden from normal view.

I like the Acid In The Ice Cream series because of the color contrast used. A large portion of the pieces are either shades of gray or white, but the focal point of the pieces lies at the heads of the subjects. There is a beam of colors that explodes away from the subjects, which kinda reminds me of a sci-fi movie.

The series also features a number of pieces on cut wood. These are two of my favorite works from the series:


This piece is titled Explosive Donuts Install and it’s acrylic on layered, cut wood.


This piece is titled Juggling Donuts Install and it’s acrylic on cut wood.

Click here to see the rest of the series and more artwork by Zach Johnsen.



This poster speaks for itself.

I peeped this over in my bro’s room yesterday, and I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw it. I think there’s some truth to this poster… but it doesn’t hold true for everyone.

Either way, I think I might actually go see this when it comes out.



I like this piece , titled Cupid, because it gives a slightly different take on Valentine’s Day and love. I would like to describe what exactly that take is, but I’ll let you figure it out on your own. Plus, art has different meanings and it’s only right that I let you take your own meaning from this piece.

The piece is by the experienced, award-winning illustrator, Kerry P. Talbott, who specializes in humorous illustration and caricature. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia, and has almost 20 years of experience as a Staff Artist for the Richmond News Leader/Richmond Times-Dispatch.

As much as I want to post some of her other illustrations, I don’t want to take the focus of the post away from Cupid. Click here to see more of Kerry P. Talbott’s art.



I peeped this piece over at SuperTouch last week and I’ve been meaning to post it, but things kept getting in the way.

You’ll notice that if you don’t move your eyes the picture doesn’t havy any effect on you, but once you move your eyes that s**t starts to hurt. I’m still tryna figure out how the f**k they did this ‘cuz I think it’s dope.

Anyways, feel free to get hypnotized by this s**t.

P.S. – It took a lot of courage to use “OMG” in the post title. Nah but for real that s**t took a lot of deliberation LMAO… That was my intitial reaction when I saw this piece and I didn’t want to take that away.

The Creative Work of Ian Kim


Ian Kim was born in Rondo Beach, California. He has live in the US, Korea, Japan, Australia, and Canada. After completing his freshman year at the Rhode Island School of Design, he graduated from New York University in 2005 with a BFA in Film and Television. Since then, he returned to the Los Angeles area, where he works at motion design studio, Buck.

His works cover a variety of themes from comics to motion. While some of his work is a bit graphic, others are just funny, and some send a message. All in all, his work is dope.

Here are some of my favorite works from Ian Kim.


This one, titled Cloud Seeding, was actually the first artwork by Ian Kim that I came across, and I was drawn to it because of the use of perspective. I actually decided to do more research on Ian Kim because I expected to find some more perspective drawings and paintings, but I found even better stuff.

Like this one.


This one is titled The Beast is Back. It’s actually the image that appears on the homepage of his website. For some weird reason I just like this one. It reminds of a cartoon type horror movie.


And this is probably my favorite one… probably because I’ve always had a liking for dragon artwork. It’s titled the Two Headed Dragon for obvious reasons. I’ll try to see on Ian Kim’s website if I can get this as a large poster.

To see some more of the creative work of Ian Kim click here.

BREAKING CLAY ART by Martin Klimas


This is why I love art. Art has NO boundaries. I remember someone saying that math and love are the only universal languages, but I strongly believe that art is a universal language in its own way. I can only imagine how this dude thought about creating art in this form.

Anyways, Martin Klimas is a German photographer, who I believe has redifined the meaning of still-life. Here, Kilmas takes photographs of clay art as they hit the floor, breaking into pieces that reveal something new in each figurine.

These are some of my favorites.


I like this one because you can interpret it in a variety of ways. For example, you can see this as a woman landing after taking a jump. The broken pieces of clay at the bottom of the photograph can be seen as the gound giving in as she lands. If you prefer, you can see the pieces of clay at the bottom of the photograph as splashing water.


This one kinda makes me feel like I’m watching a martial arts movies. It also reminds me of childhood days, watching people on TV break cement blocks with their bare hands. Fun times!

To see more of Martin Klimas’ work click here.

“ATARI IS HOT, BABY!” by Surround

I found this fine piece of artwork on a German blog called NERDCORE. Please don’t ask me how I found may way to a German blog, and NO it’s not a porn site or anything. Sorry pervs! Funny enough NERDCORE titled this one neon-porn.

Anyways, I’ve always been a fan of color mixtures like this one, so I decided to find the source of this piece and I came across another piece that I like even more. This one is titled space invaders.

I’m not a perv! LMAO… Once again, I just like the color mixtures. Both of the pieces are really dope and they are by an artist named Surround. The two pieces are from his “Atari is hot, baby!” series. To see some more of Surround’s artwork on deviantART click here.

I’m getting inspired to get back to drawing. It’s a hobby I miss but I’m a perfectionist so my drawings take a lof of time to get completed… Weeks to be exact!

Either way I think these two pieces are dope.

Artwork By Steve


If I told you I knew who Steve was I would be lying. No for real, his (I’m guessing he’s a dude) website doesn’t even have any biographical info so I really can’t tell you who Steve is. All I know is that Steve’s artwork is dope.

Most, if not all, of Steve’s work is acrylic on canvas, which I think is dope. Also, the subjects of most of his artwork are female. I really like the colors he uses ‘cuz you get this summer-ish vibe from his artwork.

Anyways, this one here, titled violet, is his first artwork I came across and probably my favorite.

To see the rest of Steve’s portfolio click here.

To buy prints of artwork by Steve click here.