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I’ve been feeling very festive lately, and as the holidays are fast approaching I’m increasingly inclined to dress Christmas-y to show my holiday cheer. Since I’m not really a big fan of the color green, I’ve decided to go with the more befitting colors of red and white. Unless a pair of lime green sneakers count?

The Resistance Knitted Cardigan kills two birds with one stone: it’s guaranteed to keep you warm and, if worn appropriately, will go well with a pair of boots, which in my case would be a pair of Creative Recreation Dio Boots. I also really like the thick cream shawl collar with blue and red stripe detail.

This is usually where I would send everyone to check out the Resistance website, but since the Resistance website does not exist I have nothing. Good Night! (If I wait another thirty minutes to make this post then I’d have to say Good Morning!).





It’s that time of the year again; when nights are longer than days, and birds start flying north. We are left with no choice but to bundle up or face the unforgiving cold winds head on. If I were you, I’d stick with bundling up.

I’m a big fan of scarves, but lately I’ve done without them. Partly because I’m tired of donning the same old scarves every winter, but since seeing this wool hood scarf by Flippa K, I’m now certain that my prayers have been answered.

The scarf definitely has this Ezio Auditore da Firenze-esque look to it. In case you were wondering who Ezio Auditore da Firenze is, he’s the character from Assassin’s Creed II. I like the fact that the hood is attached but still maintains the traditional scarf length. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s made of rib knit wool.

If you are like me and have no problem looking like a scout or marauder from  medieval times, or simply like the style of this scarf, then head over to the Flippa K site to see what other devious concepts they’ve cooked up.






As the son of world travelers and an amateur traveler myself, I take a lot of pride in looking the part when I walk into an airport terminal. I was raised to look presentable when travelling and I will definitely be passing that tradition on to my own kids.

Lately, I have realized that, along with clothes and footwear, your luggage casts a serious impression of you. I must say that I haven’t exactly been known to carry around the flyest luggage, to say the least, but that’s about to change.

When I think Diesel, I think watches and jeans, so I’m still taken back by the fact that they’ve entered broader categories, in this case, luggage. The Diesel Strong Duffle is some fly a** s**t.  It’s a rectangular olive green canvas duffle with a wraparound  leather belt detail at the top and so much more.

‘Nuff said. Click here to cop the Diesel Strong Duffle.






I’ve always seen Guess as a brand with high craftsmanship when it comes to timepieces. Although I’ve never actually owned a Guess watch, I admire the different styles of their watches.

The 25th Anniversary Iconic Cuff Watch stands out as one of the most stylish Guess watches I’ve seen in a while. I came across the Brown Leather Cuff version some time back and it was love at first sight. It features a silver-tone case and a silver and rose-gold-tone dial.

Guess recently released the Cuff Watch in black leather and it features a gunmetal-tone case with a gunmetal and silver-tone dial. The black leather Cuff Watch is definitely on my wish-list, and with a 10-year limited warranty it’s definitely a keeper.

Click here to see this and many other watches by Guess.





Seeing these scarves just reminded me of how much I’m slacking with my scarf game. I know it’s about to be summer in a little less than two months but watch me still go ahead and get this.

I would usually just get the grey and rock that s**t to death, but I’m tired of not having matching scarves and sneakers. I just sounded like a girl right there but who gives a s**t.

Click here to go to the Vince website.



Don’t let the strawberry, birds, and blue skies fool you… This is the real deal. is Europe’s biggest T-Shirt design competition. Three to four designs are chosen every week from over 100 daily submissions to be printed and sold from the site. respects designers, so their shirts are strictly limited to 500 per design for which winning designers get 1000 €! Oh yea, sorry to disappoint you if you thought you could get access to their shirts. Orders can only be shipped to a handful of countries and the U.S.  is not one of them.

The shirts on the site are fresh and are a true representation of raw art. Click here to go to the website.

Holla @ me when you realize it’s no joke.


Flud watches are the s**t! They have a lot of creative designs for their watches, like the Boombox Watch and the TableTurns Watch.

The Cartridge Watch is my favorite mostly ‘cuz of its design and color. It also comes in black, but the black one really looks like s**t. No offense to Flud of course.

Click here to see more Flud watches.






Lately, I’ve been trying to step up my accessories game but I’m still slacking in terms of eyewear (thanks to Noelia for loosing a pair of ALDO sunglasses I had last semester).

I’m not really worried about sunglasses right now, but I peeped these the other day and I think theses s**ts are fresh. Not really too sure why they’re called the Shocker Sunglasses, but I like the color of the frames.

You’d be surprised how much they are ($125.00)… or maybe not. Either way I can see myself having these. Notice how I didn’t say I can see myself paying for these.



The image above speaks for itself.

Courtesy of COMPLEX BLOG.

*************FLASHING LIGHTS**************


Honestly, this post has nothing to do with flashing lights. I just thought the picture was dope so I decided to use this particular title.

I just peeped some fresh s**t over at another one of my spots. The designer is John Varvatos and I’m pretty sure the dude in the picture above is rocking some John Varvatos s**t too.

I’m not about to post all the stuff I just saw up here, so I just decided to pick my favorite one. In the next few months I’ll be making some wardrobe changes ‘cuz I hope to get an internship over the summer and I can’t afford to be looking like a bum.

Anyways, here’s my favorite piece from John Varvatos.

For the record, this is the Herringbone Stripe Blazer. It’s a cotton wool tonal herringbone stripe single breasted notch lapel blazer with 2 flap pockets and 1 chest pocket… fully lined with single vent. I just thought I should throw that out there.

I would love to tell you where you can cop this s**t, but I’m slowly becoming a selfish a** mother@!%# these days, so you’ll have to find it n your own. Life’s a b***h… get over it.