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Hello World!

“MY OWN MOTHER@!%#ING BLOG” is finally here, literally. After over two years in the making, “MY OWN MOTHER@!%#ING BLOG” has grown from an idea into an active project, and although it’s still in its infant stages, I expect that within the next year or so “MY OWN MOTHER@!%#ING BLOG” will grow into a fully functioning site.

About two years ago, after stumbling upon a couple of blogs, mostly dedicated to music, I became fascinated with the whole idea of blogging. At that point, although I began to look for more blogs that where dedicated to topics that interested me, I never thought to create my own blog.

Over the past few years, I have found countless blogs of interest to me, some of which have actually inspired me to create MY OWN MOTHER@!%#ING BLOG, but I finally realized that what I truly desired was a blog of my own. In my opinion, blogging is a form of expression like no other. It is a unique way of sharing who I am, as well as the things that interest me the most, with the rest of the world. It is a way of introducing the world to my own world. So on that note, I say “Hello World… ”

MY OWN MOTHER@!%#ING BLOG is purely a product of my own thinking. It contains information on music, art, sneakers, and all other topic that interests me. The difference between MY OWN MOTHER@!%#ING BLOG and all other blogs dedicated to similar topics is that I only post information that pertains to me. MY OWN MOTHER@!%#ING BLOGis not an attempt to promote any particular brands, artists, or products. It is simply a way of sharing the things I love with the rest of the world.