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Zachariah Johnson is a young artist concentrating in watercolor, pen & ink, and mixed media works on paper. His medium of choice is the micro pen and he uses them exhaustively to describe a world of ghouls, monsters, and misfits – the shady characters of everyday life, but just hidden from normal view.

I like the Acid In The Ice Cream series because of the color contrast used. A large portion of the pieces are either shades of gray or white, but the focal point of the pieces lies at the heads of the subjects. There is a beam of colors that explodes away from the subjects, which kinda reminds me of a sci-fi movie.

The series also features a number of pieces on cut wood. These are two of my favorite works from the series:


This piece is titled Explosive Donuts Install and it’s acrylic on layered, cut wood.


This piece is titled Juggling Donuts Install and it’s acrylic on cut wood.

Click here to see the rest of the series and more artwork by Zach Johnsen.

Artwork By Steve


If I told you I knew who Steve was I would be lying. No for real, his (I’m guessing he’s a dude) website doesn’t even have any biographical info so I really can’t tell you who Steve is. All I know is that Steve’s artwork is dope.

Most, if not all, of Steve’s work is acrylic on canvas, which I think is dope. Also, the subjects of most of his artwork are female. I really like the colors he uses ‘cuz you get this summer-ish vibe from his artwork.

Anyways, this one here, titled violet, is his first artwork I came across and probably my favorite.

To see the rest of Steve’s portfolio click here.

To buy prints of artwork by Steve click here.