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I can’t even begin to explain how hot this s**t is. My brother just put me on this song just this evening, and I’ve been wildin’ out to it ever since.

Blaqstarr is mos def that dude when it comes to B’more club music. I don’t care what you tell me… this dude can turn the wackest song into pure fire. I know I sound like a delusional motherf@!%#er right now, but you need to listen to it to understand.

The song starts off regular and then BAM! all of a sudden that b’more gutta sound comes right in, and all you can do is just start dancing. OK I think I’ve said enough.

Listen for yourself.

Flosstradamus – Big Bills (Banged Out Blaqstarr Remix).

Good looks on this one bro!

DJ Blaqstarr Is In Da House


I honestly think I’ve been away for too long… I’m back though.

About two years ago I got into the whole Baltimore Club Music thing and I became addicted to the sounds of DJ Blaqstarr, Rye Rye, and Rod Lee. On iTunes, b’more club songs are usually classified as either electronic or dance, and hip-hop/rap, on ocassion. I started listening to more electronic songs than b’more club songs and I got into this phase, for about almost a year, where all I listened to was electronic songs.

I started listening to artists like Uffie (Pop that Glock is still the s**t), Bonde Do Role, and Apparat. Let’s just say I got a little carried away, but I must admit that I loved every single electronic song I listened to. I actually got mad when people got electronic confused with dance and techno. Actually, I still get mad when people make that mistake LMAO… Anyways, after me and my boy Geoff got to talking about exposing more people to the whole b’more music scene I went back to listening to some b’more club songs and I’m hooked again.

My all-time favorite b’more club song is still probably Tote It, by DJ Blaqstarr, but a lot of songs I’m listening to right now are vying for that spot. Songs like Drunk As F*ck by Tittsworth, Bodymore and Drunk As F*ck, by Aaron Lacrate, and of course Woo-Hah! by DJ Sega are getting heavy rotation right now. Woo-Hah! is my s**t. The constant screaming of “Yeah,” “What!” and “Woo-Hah!” mixed in with the classic b’more bass sounds is just ridiculous. You’re probably thinking I’m crazy, but I’ll post the song some time soon just so you can understand exactly why I’m going crazy over this one song.

I think it’s only right that I at least give you a little preview of my new b’more club playlist. So here’s Supastarr by DJ Blaqstarr.


DJ Blaqstarr – Supastarr

Excuse my manners. Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to everyone else who doesn’t celebrate Christmas.