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As the son of world travelers and an amateur traveler myself, I take a lot of pride in looking the part when I walk into an airport terminal. I was raised to look presentable when travelling and I will definitely be passing that tradition on to my own kids.

Lately, I have realized that, along with clothes and footwear, your luggage casts a serious impression of you. I must say that I haven’t exactly been known to carry around the flyest luggage, to say the least, but that’s about to change.

When I think Diesel, I think watches and jeans, so I’m still taken back by the fact that they’ve entered broader categories, in this case, luggage. The Diesel Strong Duffle is some fly a** s**t.  It’s a rectangular olive green canvas duffle with a wraparound  leather belt detail at the top and so much more.

‘Nuff said. Click here to cop the Diesel Strong Duffle.



Honestly, this is not even my style but this s**t definitely looks appealing though. I just peeped both of these over at one of my spots (I think I need to stop saying that unless I’m disclosing where I actually saw it.)

The olympic white ones got me with the suede and inner side zip stunt… that’s mad fresh. I don’t think I know what I’d wear with those but I still think they’re fresh.

The dark blue canvas/rubber sneakers are just on some other s**t. I feel like they’re a cross of some Fonzworth Bentley and Taz Arnold s**t. Either way I think they would look fresh with my other pile of sneakers.

For whatever reason, I’m starting to feel like there aren’t any sneakers out there that really appeal to me these days. Another thing might be that I’m looking in all the wrong  same places.

Either way I’m feeling these two though.

Artwork By Steve


If I told you I knew who Steve was I would be lying. No for real, his (I’m guessing he’s a dude) website doesn’t even have any biographical info so I really can’t tell you who Steve is. All I know is that Steve’s artwork is dope.

Most, if not all, of Steve’s work is acrylic on canvas, which I think is dope. Also, the subjects of most of his artwork are female. I really like the colors he uses ‘cuz you get this summer-ish vibe from his artwork.

Anyways, this one here, titled violet, is his first artwork I came across and probably my favorite.

To see the rest of Steve’s portfolio click here.

To buy prints of artwork by Steve click here.