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Squadron Marble Officer Coat


As hard as it is I must admit that my pee coat is starting to get small for me and I better start looking for a new coat before it becomes a little too obvious. I’m not even mad ‘cuz it definitely ran its course, and that was probably the best $250 I’ve ever spent.

I’m really not looking for a particular color as long as that shit as fly as f**k, hence this one right here. One thing I’ve learned is that, regardless of color, you should be able to rock a pee coat with different outfits; formal, casual, business, or anything else. That’s probably why I’m finding it hard to get a new pee coat ‘cuz a lot of the ones I’ve seen only go with a specific look.

Anyways, I think this one is just perfect, but after looking at the price tag I’m not in a rush to cop it. So, in the words of Mr. West, “… and you thought he was cute before… look at this pee coat, tell me he’s broke…” He’s broke… definitely.

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