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VH1 is famous for bulls**t shows that everybody somehow still seems to watch. The latest show in this foolery is Tool Academy. I honestly think the show is a joke, but I’ll probably still watch it just to see how dumb the contestants on the show are.

I saw the first episode and I think the show is a joke. On the show, there’s the party tool, slacker tool, tiny tool, loud mouth tool, cold-hearted tool, player pimpin’ tool, power tool, greek tool, and naked tool. Each of them is just as dumb as the other.

Basically, the show is… boyfriend bootcamp, and I didn’t make that up, that’s what loud mouth tool said. I don’t know how else to explain the show without using the picture below.


There you have it… oh and I think Collin needs to be on the show ‘cuz he’s a f***ing tool LMAO. Gotcha b***h!