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‘Cuz flowers and chocolates can only get you so far, the guys over at Complex have decided to give you some help.

They’ve come up with a 28-song mixtape that’ll help you set the mood right until the afterglow.

Here’s a lil’ preview of the track listing.


Click here for more info.

P.S. – Olivia Munn is looking so right in that pic.



The image above speaks for itself.

Courtesy of COMPLEX BLOG.

TAKING LESSONS: “When Blogging Goes Wrong”


OK, so after I got back from the bank today I decided to do my daily rounds of web surfing and I came across something very interesting over at Complex Blog. Complex Blog made a post on a rather “hilariously bad” blog, run by someone you might be familiar with. This person is Aaron Reid… some of you might have seen him MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen.

Anyways, according to Complex blog, “his blog is exactly what you would expect from a kid who grew up around rap stars… Then there’s the other stuff: the bragging, the thoughtless thought posts, the odd advice columns. So before he continues along this path to Ridicule Road, we thought we’d lend a hand and impart some knowledge on the young blogger, and to bloggers everywhere, about what not to do with their personal blogs. Pay attention.”

I decided to see if I was making the same mistakes dude is making by reading Complex Blog‘s top five things NOT to do if you’re a blogger. Luckily, I’m actually not making any of the mistakes Aaron Reid is making with his own blog. After reading that post I think it’s important to make a few things clear.

First off, I’m not some rich kid who’s here to brag about the things I don’t deserve. Second, my blog is not centered around me, it’s rather centered around the things that interest me. Finally, if you feel like I’m not staying true to myself and I start doing any of the things Complex Blog says not to do with a personal blog, please feel free to call me out. I enjoy constructive criticism.

Don’t get it confused I’m not hatin’ on this dude. As a matter of fact, I respect his grind (whatever his grind is), all I’m trying to do is be a true blogger and stay a true blogger. Shouts out to Complex Blog for making use of that teachable moment.


CLAE Rusell (White)

CLAE Russell (White)

First off, who ever designs the CLAE Russell series deserves mad props because they killed it. I think it’s obvious that the CLAE Russell series is one of the sneaker series I have my eyes set on. I actually have these in black leather and they have definitely proved to be worth the buy. As a side note I’m actually wearing the black leather’s tomorrow to school and to the CheeseCake Factory with Sheena. Wassup Sheena!… Can’t wait for tomorrow!

I just saw this pair in the December 2008/January 2009 issue which I just got in the mail today and I couldn’t help but share this work of art with you guys. Oh and by the way you need to subscribe to Complex Magazine if you already haven’t. I’m probably going to get these within the next month or two, or whenever they come out because I checked online and they are not available on the CLAE website. Anyways…