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I’ve been wearing these sneakers in my mind for the past couple of weeks, and even though they’re on my wish list I know I’ m not going to be truly satisfied until these sneakers are sitting above my closet.

Terry Kennedy definitely did a number on me when he came out with these and I’m pretty sure SUPRA is caking off this line. There are about three other colors besides this one: Black & Red, Red, and Purple. I was sold on the black and red ones till I saw these a few weeks back.

Anyone who is familiar with M.O.M.B. knows hi-top sneakers tend to get extra attention over here. This edition of the TK Society features a gray patent leather upper, exclusive SupraFoam ® midsole providing entire foot impact resistance and optimal shoe flex, two Velcro straps at the upper ankle, and a lot more. In short, these are f@!%#ing dope.

You can either get these or eat your hearts out. Oh and btw f@!%# what you heard. I’m back b*****s! LMAO!

Happy 4th of July!



Honestly, this is not even my style but this s**t definitely looks appealing though. I just peeped both of these over at one of my spots (I think I need to stop saying that unless I’m disclosing where I actually saw it.)

The olympic white ones got me with the suede and inner side zip stunt… that’s mad fresh. I don’t think I know what I’d wear with those but I still think they’re fresh.

The dark blue canvas/rubber sneakers are just on some other s**t. I feel like they’re a cross of some Fonzworth Bentley and Taz Arnold s**t. Either way I think they would look fresh with my other pile of sneakers.

For whatever reason, I’m starting to feel like there aren’t any sneakers out there that really appeal to me these days. Another thing might be that I’m looking in all the wrong  same places.

Either way I’m feeling these two though.

YMC High Top Patent Sneaker (Red)


For some reason I think I’m starting to get really drawn to the color red, unless red is the flyest color for sneakers. Or maybe it’s this relatively new patent colors that just seem to catch my eye. Either way, I think these kicks are on some next level s**t. Some people might think otherwise, but guess what, opinions are just like assholes, everyone is entitled to one, and some are full of shit.

Back to the topic at hand. I really don’t have much to say. They fall into my regular criteria = high tops. That’s sad I know, but I’m starting to question how much detail people give to sneakers these days. I might be wrong. Who cares?

Enjoy… i guess.

Raf Simons Multi Colour Astronaut Boots


Please tell me these kicks are not hot just so I can flip out right now. I’ve been on the lookout for these kicks, or “Astronaut Boots,” whichever you prefer, for a minute now and I am yet to find a US retailer… and by US retailer I don’t mean eBay. I am sure that I can get them in the US and I know I probably haven’t tried hard enough, but with a price range of $621.24 would you? I’m a sneakerhead but I’m also a college student with a minimum wage job, so don’t even think about calling me broke. Yea… I said it.

Anyways, these appeal to me for three reasons: hi-tops, leather, and an external pocket pouch. Come on, tell me where you can find these three things on one foot and I’ll give you a million dollars…. OK, maybe not a million dollars but I’ll give you a lot of respect… that’s a lot.

I want these so bad, but since I’m still getting paid minimum wage I’ll just keep looking.

P.S. – I did spell color right in the title of the post… that’s the British spelling… get over it.