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As the son of world travelers and an amateur traveler myself, I take a lot of pride in looking the part when I walk into an airport terminal. I was raised to look presentable when travelling and I will definitely be passing that tradition on to my own kids.

Lately, I have realized that, along with clothes and footwear, your luggage casts a serious impression of you. I must say that I haven’t exactly been known to carry around the flyest luggage, to say the least, but that’s about to change.

When I think Diesel, I think watches and jeans, so I’m still taken back by the fact that they’ve entered broader categories, in this case, luggage. The Diesel Strong Duffle is some fly a** s**t.  It’s a rectangular olive green canvas duffle with a wraparound  leather belt detail at the top and so much more.

‘Nuff said. Click here to cop the Diesel Strong Duffle.







I never really paid much attention to Gourmet Sneakers because I didn’t really feel like they had styles I could wear, but that has definitely changed over the past few months. Either Gourmet made some serious changes to their sneaker line or I just woke up from the deepest of slumbers.

These definitely stopped me in my tracks at work today when I saw them. Whoever came up with the idea to have asymmetrical shoelace panels deserves praise… and a serious raise. Between the paloma (not gray) grain leather, paloma suede upper, and the rubber soles, these sneakers definitely make the cut.

Is paloma an actual color or is this some creative concoction by Gourmet? If it is then excuse my astute lack of knowledge of all my colors. Anyways, let me stop there before I make a fool myself. I just found out these have a pigskin leather insole… I don’t know how I feel about that.






I’ve always seen Guess as a brand with high craftsmanship when it comes to timepieces. Although I’ve never actually owned a Guess watch, I admire the different styles of their watches.

The 25th Anniversary Iconic Cuff Watch stands out as one of the most stylish Guess watches I’ve seen in a while. I came across the Brown Leather Cuff version some time back and it was love at first sight. It features a silver-tone case and a silver and rose-gold-tone dial.

Guess recently released the Cuff Watch in black leather and it features a gunmetal-tone case with a gunmetal and silver-tone dial. The black leather Cuff Watch is definitely on my wish-list, and with a 10-year limited warranty it’s definitely a keeper.

Click here to see this and many other watches by Guess.





There’s something about these sneakers that just makes me wanna cop ’em. I think it’s how they look from the front + the Alejandro Ingelmo font on the tongues.

They are actually calfskin leather lace up color block high top sneakers, with metallic leather mesh panel detailing throughout. I’m not too sure ’bout the colors cuz I’m not really feelin’ that copper look.

I’ve always wanted some Alejandro Ingelmo’s since I saw ’em once over at Kanye’s blog and I think these might just be my first.

Click here to go to the Alejandro Ingelmo website.

Raf Simons Multi Colour Astronaut Boots


Please tell me these kicks are not hot just so I can flip out right now. I’ve been on the lookout for these kicks, or “Astronaut Boots,” whichever you prefer, for a minute now and I am yet to find a US retailer… and by US retailer I don’t mean eBay. I am sure that I can get them in the US and I know I probably haven’t tried hard enough, but with a price range of $621.24 would you? I’m a sneakerhead but I’m also a college student with a minimum wage job, so don’t even think about calling me broke. Yea… I said it.

Anyways, these appeal to me for three reasons: hi-tops, leather, and an external pocket pouch. Come on, tell me where you can find these three things on one foot and I’ll give you a million dollars…. OK, maybe not a million dollars but I’ll give you a lot of respect… that’s a lot.

I want these so bad, but since I’m still getting paid minimum wage I’ll just keep looking.

P.S. – I did spell color right in the title of the post… that’s the British spelling… get over it.