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I just got the new Bobby Valentino album, The Rebirth, and that s**t is pure FIRE! This is probably the only album, besides Ryan Leslie’s album, where every song is a 5-star song.

Bobby Valentino always has the best intros for his albums, but the intro for The Rebirth is on some other s**t. He definitely should’ve made it a full track ‘cuz this s**t is knockin’ (I said this about the intros for his two other albums).

Aight. Let me cut the bulls**t. Listen for yourself and tell me if this doesn’t set the tone for the rest of the album.

Bobby Valentino – The Rebirth (Featuring Dottite Peoples)



OK. In case you haven’t notice, today is Valentine’s Day, and even though I’m single it’s only right that I do this.

I have two valentines, one of which is my mom. Once I’m done with this post I’m gonna call her to wish her a Happy Valentine’s Day. It’s hard to express your love for someone who’s over 5OOO miles away, but the least I can do is call. Happy Valentine’s Day Mum. I love you.

As for the other person, whose name I’m obviously not going to disclose, I think it’s only right that I dedicate this song to you because every single word in this song rings true for me. Happy Valentine’s Day lady.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about me. It’s for all the lovers out there, so I’m also gonna have to dedicate this song to all the lovers out there.

Ryan Leslie – Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Vodpod videos no longer available.

I love the concept of this video probably ‘cuz it’s completely different from the first one. The first video was a rock version of the song, and as much as I like it, I have to admit that this video takes the song to another creative level.

I’ve always been a fan of acapella and alternate versions of songs, so I really like the acapella version of Diamond Girl that they sing in the beginning of the video. I’ll try to find the acapella version of Diamond Girl, and I’ll see if there’s an acapella version for How It Was Supposed To Be.

Anyways, the video is dope, and for the ladies, Tyson Beckford makes an appearance, so if you’re so interested in seeing him feel free to watch this one.




Check out the site here

OK! I gotta admit that I didn’t see this one coming, but I’m sure glad it’s here.

Last month, while visiting Shade 45 Radio, Ryan Leslie announced that he’d be “launching the most unprecedented on-line campaign anyone has ever seen in history,” and the product of this on-line campaign is his new site.

The site has a number of features, including an “About Me” page, where site visitors and fans can watch his one-minute video bio. Another feature on Ryan Leslie’s new site is the “About My Site” page, which he uses to explain the site’s different categories. My favorite, of course, has to be the “My Blackberry” page, which allows you to connect directly with Ryan Leslie.

I’m excited about this new site because Ryan Leslie is truly a musical inspiration for me, and I’m a big fan of his music. His self-titled album is scheduled for release on February 10, so if your birthday falls  around that period I’m getting you his album for your birthday, and maybe even as a gift for Valentine’s Day LOL… I’m dead serious though!