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“ATARI IS HOT, BABY!” by Surround

I found this fine piece of artwork on a German blog called NERDCORE. Please don’t ask me how I found may way to a German blog, and NO it’s not a porn site or anything. Sorry pervs! Funny enough NERDCORE titled this one neon-porn.

Anyways, I’ve always been a fan of color mixtures like this one, so I decided to find the source of this piece and I came across another piece that I like even more. This one is titled space invaders.

I’m not a perv! LMAO… Once again, I just like the color mixtures. Both of the pieces are really dope and they are by an artist named Surround. The two pieces are from his “Atari is hot, baby!” series. To see some more of Surround’s artwork on deviantART click here.

I’m getting inspired to get back to drawing. It’s a hobby I miss but I’m a perfectionist so my drawings take a lof of time to get completed… Weeks to be exact!

Either way I think these two pieces are dope.