Don’t Call It A Comeback…


About three weeks ago I decided to take drizzy’s advice to “light up the incense and get cozy with your special someone” while listening to some D’Angelo. For obvious reasons, I skipped the incense and coziness part, and decided to listen D’Angelo’s Voodoo album. I must say that How Does It Feel is forever a hit, but I actually got hooked on the last track on that album, Africa.

Some people are probably going to say that the only reason why I’m feeling this song is because I just so happen to be African. That might actually be true, but honestly, it’s more because of what he says. Specifically, what he says in the first few lines of the song: “Africa is my descent… and here I am far from home. ”

Trust me, this isn’t me feeling homesick. Rather, this is my acceptance of where I find myself right now. Plus, ?uestlove kills it on the drums. This reminds me of the skit on the Chappelle show when Dave Chappelle invited John Mayer and ?uestlove to show how people of different races react to different instruments… LMAO

Anyways, here you go. Feel free to vibe to this. Before I forget, the play count for this song is 36 right now.

D’Angelo – Africa

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