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I think it’s slightly obvious that my extreme obsession with all sorts of high-top footwear persists. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the Deckard Boot by Vael Project is the subject of this post.

If you ask me, these are a triple cross (if such a thing even exists) between boat shoes, moccasins, and high-top converse sneakers. I have to admit that my interest in the geoff brown pair is a result of their slight resemblance, in color at least, to the Peco Boot by Red Wing. Either way, these are dope.

As my 20th birthday approaches (Yes, you read that right) I continue on my quest to look fly without looking like many of your favorite rappers. I’m sorry to inform you, but a fitted and a pair of fresh dunks or Jordans don’t cut it anymore.

I’m accepting early birthday gifts at the moment, and not to worry, I welcome late gifts as well, so if you wanna get these for me hit me up here and I’ll send you an address to mail a pair of size eleven’s of either color (or both).

Click here to visit the Vael Project website.

P.S. – There’ actually such a thing as a triple cross. Click here if you think I’m kidding.







I never really paid much attention to Gourmet Sneakers because I didn’t really feel like they had styles I could wear, but that has definitely changed over the past few months. Either Gourmet made some serious changes to their sneaker line or I just woke up from the deepest of slumbers.

These definitely stopped me in my tracks at work today when I saw them. Whoever came up with the idea to have asymmetrical shoelace panels deserves praise… and a serious raise. Between the paloma (not gray) grain leather, paloma suede upper, and the rubber soles, these sneakers definitely make the cut.

Is paloma an actual color or is this some creative concoction by Gourmet? If it is then excuse my astute lack of knowledge of all my colors. Anyways, let me stop there before I make a fool myself. I just found out these have a pigskin leather insole… I don’t know how I feel about that.







I’ve been wearing these sneakers in my mind for the past couple of weeks, and even though they’re on my wish list I know I’ m not going to be truly satisfied until these sneakers are sitting above my closet.

Terry Kennedy definitely did a number on me when he came out with these and I’m pretty sure SUPRA is caking off this line. There are about three other colors besides this one: Black & Red, Red, and Purple. I was sold on the black and red ones till I saw these a few weeks back.

Anyone who is familiar with M.O.M.B. knows hi-top sneakers tend to get extra attention over here. This edition of the TK Society features a gray patent leather upper, exclusive SupraFoam ® midsole providing entire foot impact resistance and optimal shoe flex, two Velcro straps at the upper ankle, and a lot more. In short, these are f@!%#ing dope.

You can either get these or eat your hearts out. Oh and btw f@!%# what you heard. I’m back b*****s! LMAO!

Happy 4th of July!





There’s something about these sneakers that just makes me wanna cop ’em. I think it’s how they look from the front + the Alejandro Ingelmo font on the tongues.

They are actually calfskin leather lace up color block high top sneakers, with metallic leather mesh panel detailing throughout. I’m not too sure ’bout the colors cuz I’m not really feelin’ that copper look.

I’ve always wanted some Alejandro Ingelmo’s since I saw ’em once over at Kanye’s blog and I think these might just be my first.

Click here to go to the Alejandro Ingelmo website.






These sneakers are a constant reminder of much I’ve slept on Gourmet. I honestly have no idea what I would wear with these, but they are fresh and look mad comfortable.

They are made from custom hand-woven marble canvas and feature Nappa leather heel, tongue and side panels, full-grain leather insole with memory foam and a deck rubber sole.

Click here to fulfill your sneaker cravings at the Gourmet website.







I think you can already tell by the name of these sneakers that they are no f***ing joke. I want these… straight up!

Reebok has definitely been coming out with some fresh sneaker designs lately. My guess is that they are really trying hard to invade the casual sneaker/footwear market ‘cuz they haven’t made much of an impact in that segment… in my eyes at least. I could be wrong.

Either way gold sneakers make a bold statement and I think adding the straps was a real smart move by the guys over at Reebok. I would probably still f**k with these if they didn’t have any straps.

These are just straight up dope! Click here to cop ’em over at Karmaloop.





The last time I remember having boat shoes was probably when I was like 5yrs old and my mum still used to dress me. I was definitely a fly kid in the making in ’94. LMAO!

I really like these though. I was not familiar with the Superga brand until very recently but I definitely think these are shoes I would consider buying and wearing in the summer.

According to Oki-Ni, “Superga is a closely guarded Italian secret and we are very pleased to have tracked them down for you.”

I like these mostly because of the contrasting colors and the leather panels. My favorite is the third one (blue and white).

Click here to see more footwear by Superga . Just as a heads up, for whatever reason, the website doesn’t have any low cut boat shoes.



Deep Shoes

White and grey high top shoe with white lace-up. Black and white striped inner lining. Circular white patch at top left. Grey logo patch at tongue. Tone on tone stitching.

Textile and leather upper man made sole.


Glamrock Black Shoes

Leather high top sneakers with round laces and velcro adjustment strap with tabs at top. Tonal mid soles. Signature logo at tongue and at back.


Exposure High Cinnamon Shoes

High cut lace up sneakers with padding. Side zip closure. Contrast textured toe cap and midsole. Tone on tone stitching throughout. Signature logo imprint at tongue and print at midsole.

I realize that this post is on crack, but I just had to do it. I honestly never knew that Diesel made footwear. I’ve always known Diesel for making fly timepieces, but I had no idea they had sneaker lines, so when I saw these last night I was shocked, to say the least.

My favorite pair is probably the Exposure High Cinnamon Shoes. I don’t think I ever had any cinnamon shoes, so that would def be a first, but three things really got me: hi-tops, soles, and the zipper.

Click here to go to the Diesel website for more info.

Reebok Lifestyle Sir Jam Mid (BLACK/GOLD/WHITE)


This doesn’t even feel like me, but when I really think these are fresh.

I doubt that I like the mix of colors (black, white, and gold) as much as the subtle design. If you look at the view from the top you’ll see that the sneakers get narrower as they get closer to the tip. I like that because the sneakers arrange your feet neatly.

Another thing is that, looking at the front view of the sneakers, they almost look like high-tops, when in reality, they are mid-tops. Either way, oddly, I think these are fresh.

adidas Orinignals Instinct Hi OG (Black/Running White/Nu Blue)


I’ve always been a big adidas fan, but I haven’t gotten any adidas sneakers in almost a year. I was into the Top Ten Hi & Lo series for a while, but I started to lose interest in the newer colors they came out with and  decided to drop them.

Anyways, I think I saw these in a different color and didn’t even pay them no mind, but these are fresh. I ususally don’t like a lot of black of my sneakers, but there’s just enough black, with a little hint of yellow on the laces to make me cop these.

I just realized that among other things, the description for these sneakers read, “Add a dash of Bboy flavor to your steelo with these OG street-regal kicks” LMAO… Good line there folks at adidas, definintely caught my attention. I think I just might cop these soon.